Quaker State 550024058 Advanced Durability 10W-30 Motor Oil (SN/GF-5) 5qt jug

Quaker State Advanced Durability Motor Oils are formulated to deliver consistent wear and viscosity protection throughout the life of the oil. Independent laboratory tests show that Quaker State Advanced Durability beat industry wear standard with 3X better wear protection. The used oil (standard oil drain, for the vehicle), also pass the Industry Standard. Wear is … [Read more…]

Singer Round Rubber Motor Belt

Works With: Singer 27 Singer 28 Singer 66 Singer 99 Singer 101 Singer 127 Singer 128 Singer 185 Singer 192K Singer 201 Singer 301 Singer 301A Singer 306 Singer 306K Singer 319 Singer 319K Singer 401 Singer 401A Singer 403 Singer 404 Singer 500 Singer 500A Singer 501 Singer 503 Singer 504 Singer 6010 Singer … [Read more…]

Motor Learning and Performance With Web Study Guide – 4th Edition: A Situation-Based Learning Approach

The student-friendly fourth edition of Motor Learning and Performance: A Situation-Based Learning Approach expands on the fundamentals of motor performance and learning, providing valuable supporting literature and current research results in an accessible and engaging format. This text goes beyond simply presenting the latest research. Instead, Schmidt and Wrisberg challenge students not only to grasp … [Read more…]

Grizzly G2527 Single-Phase Motor

Made to demanding specifications these motors feature the same quality as the motors we install in our heavy-duty machines. all our motors are standard name 56 frames and fit over 90% of the woodworking machinery on the market. if you have applications where dust oil chip or other foreign particles are the norm rather than … [Read more…]

Elenco TL-6 Alligator Lead Set, 10-Piece, 14 inches

Testing your new Arduino or Rasperry Pi board? Make use of this handy set of 10 test leads. 5 pairs of 5 colors make circuit and contact point identification so much easier over singe color sets. Each alligator clip is insulated for safety and circuit integrity. 10 test leads – 14 inches each – Insulated … [Read more…]

Estes 4617 Proto X/Syncro Motor Set (4)

This is the Motor Set for the Estes Proto-X Nano Quadcopter. FEATURES: Replaces worn Proto-X motors Wire lead color indicates direction of rotation-motors with red and blue leads operate clockwise, and motors.

Motorstorm Apocalypse

Welcome to the apocalypse, MotorStorm style! The ’Stormers are now bringing the extreme MotorStorm festival to a major metropolitan city that has been ravaged by a gigantic earthquake. With all of its unstable skyscrapers, fiery subway tunnels, twisting bridges and more, the almost completely abandoned city offers the perfect playground for MotorStorm’s electric brand of … [Read more…]